Gurdwara Khalsa Parkash
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Gurdwara Khalsa Prakash

7955 CR-42  (County Road # 42)
Windsor, Ontario
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Gurdwara Khalsa Parkash

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Windsor Gurmat Camp | August 20th - 25th, 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

In response to a question about how to register online, please be advised that you need to respond to this email with the information requested below. Just write your information in front of each question. You can also print this form and fill/scan to email us.

In the anticipation of your earliest response.

Thank you.

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Note: We have been contacted by some parents to consider decrease/waiver in the camp registration  fee for those who cannot afford to pay this cost but are otherwise interested to participate.

Please be advised that we have tried to keep the Camp registration cost as low as possible so that all maximum number of kids can take the advantage of this six days of great fun, food and Gurmat learning experience where many inspiring teachers from allover North America are being arranged to make this event a resounding success. 

Having said this, our main aim is to have all kids participate in this camp and we want to make sure no one (who want to be part of this event) should miss this opportunity for any type of cost affordability challenge/issue. 

So we request you all to submit your registration without worrying about the registration cost. We will take care and accommodate all of youth applicants registered by Friday, August 17, 2012 thanks to some of our dedicated volunteers and generous donors, the support of whom have allowed us to offer a camper-ship to supplement those who cannot afford to contribute full camp registration cost.

Registration Form


Camp Registration Form - Please fill in and return ASAP



Name of the Youth: ________             (Singh/Kaur): ________

Date of Birth: ________

T-Shirt Size(Adult Size - XL, L, M, S  Child Size - M, S): ________   

Address: ________

Email Address: ________

Parents Names: (Mom): ________                    (Dad): ________

Phone Numbers: (Home): ________                   (Cell): ________

Any Specific Health Considerations: ________

Two Emergency Contacts:
1. Name:   ________          Phone: ________

2. Name:   ________         Phone: ________


1. Can you do keertan?: ________
2. Which Instrument do you play? ( Harmonium, Diltuba, Tabla etc):  ________
3. Have you learned keertan in ragas?: ________  
4. List your five favourite Raags that you can sing (if applicable): ________
5. How many Shabads can you recite and sing? ________

1. Can you do Gurbani Paath from Gutka? ________
2. Which Bani can you recite from Gutka?  (Japuji): ________    (Rehras): ________  (Sohila): ________
2. Can you take Hukumnama from Guru Granth Sahib? ________


1. Name: ________

2. Phone: ________

3. Email: ________

4. Which days will you be able to attend the camp? How much time? Please provide details of your availability.

5. Please list the seva you can perform out of the following (if applicable).
a) Car Pool
b) Langar
c) Cleaning
d) Activities
e) Coordination
f) Any other Seva available

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